Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In the world?

What in the world is Israel trying to accomplish with the destruction of Gaza?

EI reports that the invasion of Gaza--like the invasion of Lebanon in 1982--has been in plans for a significant amount of time prior to the invasion. EI reports:

Having struck thousands of targets from the air in the first phase, followed by a ground invasion that saw troops push into much of Gaza, a third phase would involve a significant expansion of these operations.

It would require the deployment of thousands of reserve soldiers, who are completing their training on bases in the Negev, and the destruction and seizure of built-up areas closer to the heart of Gaza City, Hamas's key stronghold. The number of civilian casualties could be expected to rise rapidly.

This will only serve to weaken Israel's interests, embolden Hamas, and ultimately, have more corpses in the Levant.
A fourth phase, the overthrow of Hamas and direct reoccupation of Gaza, is apparently desired neither by the army nor Israel's political leadership, which fears the economic and military costs.
This now seems to be the course that Israel will follow. This is, of course, in terms of Israel's interests, stupid and foolhardy. World opinion is now attuned to the suffering and plight of Gazans and the brutality of Israel against a helpless people. Reoccupation will only ignite the voices of dissent.

Those options have long been in preparation, as the defense minister, Ehud Barak, admitted early on in the offensive. He said he and the army had been planning the attack for at least six months. In fact, indications are that the invasion's blueprint was drawn up much earlier, probably 18 months ago.

It was then that Hamas foiled a coup plot by its chief rival, Fatah, backed by the United States.

Ahhh. As we now know, the US and Israel executed a coordinated policy to bring Hamas to power in Gaza. This scenario illustrates the fact that the perpetuation of this conflict rests on outside meddling and opposing right-wing regimes in Israel and Palestine. Until the leaders of Israel and Palestine fail to benefit from violent attacks, and until outside actors back away and cease meddling in the affairs of each party, the conflict will continue.

And its only getting worse.

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